Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If you like sugar - don't read this!

Adrienne: "Hi, I'm Adrienne ... and I'm a sugar addict." 

Blog Readers: "Wait, wait.... WAIT!! Back up, Adrienne...I thought you were a CAKE addict?" 

Adrienne: "Well, yes... and no. I am (to the core) a sugar addict - cake just happens to be my preferred "form" of the drug. I also like a little coffee with my sugar and creamer (liquid, milky, sugar). I can go for a nice large cherry coke from time to time, cookies are great too (but only oatmeal raisin or snickerdoodle - that's German for sugary-cinnamony-fluffy-sugar-
baked-in-cookie-form), cereal (any kind really), orange juice - it's all just different forms of sugar - and all of them take control of my mind and body and render me unable to control myself. Cake just has the most control." 

Yes, there is my explanation...the truth. Today, my struggle is coffee. Well, let me rephrase that (because I promise to be totally honest in my blogs) struggle today is that I want sugar and creamer (lots of it) - and I hide that by saying that I really want a cup of coffee. 

Now, am I feeling a little bit of caffeine withdrawal? Yes, maybe. But did you know that there is such a thing as SUGAR WITHDRAWAL? It's true - google it. 

Where did this start? Probably in the womb - but that isn't what I meant. I had really put my violent raging fits of sugar withdrawal to bed for a while until Friday. Some kids in my office were selling "Cake Pops" to raise money to send to help with the relief effort in Japan. 

I bought one. 

Here's proof - 


OH DID I SAY I BOUGHT ONE??? Oops...I meant, I bought FIVE. These are balls of cake - dipped in sugar - on a stick. It's like giving me crack. 

I ate one - the rest are in my freezer at home because I finally forced myself to put them there - I will eat one after each 5 lbs I lose ... at least that is what I'm telling myself. 

Then on Friday night I went to a baseball game. At that game I split a Pepsi - a large Pepsi with a friend. 

I repeated this on Sunday night at a basketball game.

So, now I find myself today - with a headache ... craving sugar so bad. 

Why am I telling you this? Just a second while I take a drink of my water.......... 

That is why....because no matter how strong your craving - you can overcome it. Nothing in this world has power over you except for you! 

Note to self today: 

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