Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Small things...

I heard this story once... 

A man was talking about water and how necessary it is to sustain human life. I mean, just think of all of the things we use water for - cleaning ourselves and our stuff, hydrating our bodies, cooking our food, etc. Water is everywhere - and without it, we would die. 

Water is a good thing ... as long as it comes in appropriate quantities. 

The old saying is a true - you most certainly CAN have too much of a good thing. 

Ask the people in Japan or in Thailand who have experienced tsunamis over the past several years. Suddenly, the same element that is in a glass of water or a shower becomes something to fear - because having too much water is dangerous and can also kill you. 

The same goes for fire or... 

sun light or .... 


You know, people tend to equate overeating with things like smoking or drug use or any other addiction that can be overcome. But, smokers don't HAVE to have a cigarette 3 times a day to survive. 

I think that food addiction can be overcome - but it requires a certain self-control that is obviously in short supply in a food addict's life. 

So - how do we find that self-control?? 

I think that self-control is hidden ... in the small things. 

If somebody plops 2 dozen donuts in front of you - that is a big thing...it's easy to say to yourself ... "Self, that isn't good for you and you KNOW it." 

But, if someone puts cheese and crackers in the conference room at the office - "Self, they don't fit in your budgeted meals for the day but it's JUST cheese and crackers." leads to "Maybe Ill have some of this dip too" leads to "Well, I already screwed up my eating today so Im going out for dinner." leads to "Well, Ill start over on Monday." 

If you could have said instead... "Self, cheese and crackers do not fit into your plan - stick to the plan." AAAHA! There it is!!! Self-control - I KNEW you could find it!!!! 


Here is to me - finding my self-control again. In every area of my life. 

Self, you know you feel better when you are controlling yourself. Your clothes fit better. You sleep better at night. You don't ache as much when you do strenuous activities. Remember how it feels to be proud? You know, all of your spark friends are right - you CAN do this. You motivate others - now motivate yourself! Look deep and forget about the past - this is life. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do what you know you have to do - remember - it is the small things ... added up become a big thing. It works the other way around too - walk a mile when you don't feel like doing anything else - do that every day and it will add up!!! You've got this. 

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