Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Life is gooood, reaaallly good."

I'm not sure what is going on with me these days. 

I feel like there are people that I have come across in my life who simply can not function without some sort of drama or crisis. It's like they just can't be happy - no matter what good things happen, they are always finding (or creating) negativity. 

I hate drama. I HATE crisis. 

So, how come I feel this way when things seem to be fine? 

I have a great job. I love my apartment, my roommate is ok - just kidding...she is great. I'm working out hard, eating healthy, and saving money. My friends and family (that matter) are amazing. I'm making strides in all of my goals for this year. 

As Nacho would say, "Life is gooood, reaaaally good." 

***Side note - I TRULY believe that there is a Nacho Libre quote for EVERY situation in life. Don't believe me? Just hang out with me for a few days.*** 

Something is just.....I can't place my finger on it. 

Maybe it is because I am not in the place in my life where I THOUGHT I would be by now ... but that's not totally it. 

Maybe it is because I have achieved lots of things that I set out to do and feel like there is still such a long way to go...but that's not totally it either. 

Please don't tell me I need a hobby. I can't seem to do the things that I already know I love or that would help me get further along in completing my goals for the year. 

Please, please, PAAALLLLEASE ... don't tell me I need a husband. If ONE more person says that to me, I swear ... 

George Bernard Shaw was once quoted as saying, "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself." (Don't I sound smart?) 

So, I guess that is the point of my ramblings today. I am in a place in my life where I am creating myself (within the understanding of the woman God wants me to be, of course). Its ok that the person viewing the masterpiece doesn't quite get it yet (they might not ever get it). 

Its ok that I don't quite get it yet. One day I will. 

Isaiah 59:9 NLT 
“What sorrow awaits those who argue with their Creator. 
Does a clay pot argue with its maker? 
Does the clay dispute with the one who shapes it, saying, 
‘Stop, you’re doing it wrong!’ 
Does the pot exclaim, 
‘How clumsy can you be?" 

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