Friday, May 13, 2011

I almost embarrassed myself at the gym...

So, as most of you know ... I am doing the C25K running program. 

C25K (if you are wondering) stands for Couch to 5k and is a 9 week program that is supposed to make someone who sits on the couch all the time a 5k runner in 9 weeks. 

"It's a lie...Steven." (See...Nacho quote for every situation) 

Even though I LOVE the program - and almost wish I could start over and do it again just to re-live the sheer feeling of pride I have gotten from advancing to each and every week.... I honestly have not met one person who has actually completed the program in exactly 9 weeks. Most people have to do weeks over or do runs over - and that is ok. I also haven't met anyone who has tried C25K literally starting as a sedentary person. Most people find C25K after they have been physically active for at least a few weeks. 

I guess the name "Couch to 5k" is catchy ... and I guess it works. 

Anyway...the program is AMAZING and I encourage anyone to try it. You won't regret a single day! 

Now....for my story. 

Tuesday night was my first 28 minute run. I reluctantly drove myself to the gym with no intention of actually completing the run. I don't know if you ever do this to yourself but I do it all the time. 

Im driving...Im walking into the gym...Im actually starting up the treadmill thinking....Ill just run a little bit and say I tried. 

Im such a dork. (and this is probably the reason that I had to repeat several weeks along the way) 

When I first start on the treadmill, I always look around to see who is around me and what they are doing. It is the "people watcher" in me and my curiosity fuels the fire. 

I always wonder what they think of me. I wonder if they look at me, size me up, and think I won't make it for very long. (Im not a little girl, ya know). In my mind ... that is what they are all thinking. This is part of my mental "psyching" up ... "I'm gonna prove them all wrong!" 

As Im mind is my biggest enemy. I KNOW, in my KNOWER, that my body can do it - my mind isnt so sure. When I FINALLY make it to the half-way point Im usually saying to myself, "I can not do that again!! The first half took FOREVER!!" 

PS...the second half always goes faster ;o) 

At some point in my run I always roll my sleeves all the way up - it helps me cool off ...and that is the only reason I do it - trust me. 

When that bell rings and that beautiful male voice says "Walk" (Id like to kiss him), 

I looked kinda like this: 


Except I wasnt finishing a triathalon. 
And my arms certainly don't look like that... 
And I was DRIPPING with sweat. 
And I was on a treadmill... 

But you get the point. 

I threw my fists in the air and I ALMOST yelled out "YES!!" 

Then I realized how embarrassing that would have been. 

I wish I would have though. Who cares what everyone else in that gym would have thought of me? They do stupid stuff all the time - trust me, I know! 

The funny part about my run was that it wasn't the run that made me feel great. 

It was the sweat drops all over the treadmill when I was done. 
It was the fact that there was a whole different group of people on the treadmills when I finished the run than there were when I started it. 
It was overcoming my mental harassment. 
It was proving all of those people who thought I couldn't do it - wrong. (I know it was all in my head...but go with me here) 

Tonight I get to do it all over again. Bring it. 
Tomorrow is weigh in day. Bring it. 

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